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12 September 2013

Summer Baking

The past four months have been absolutely crazy. During the summer I went to 4 different camps! I had so much fun, but sadly it left me no time to bake.  But I did find a little time to bake some fun treats.
 At the very beginning of summer, I decided to bake something that I have never even heard of, Blueberry Pie cupcakes.  I was a little worried how they would come out, but I loved them! They are a graham cracker cupcake with a blueberry filling with cream cheese frosting.

 These are my favorite cookies of all time and they are called Thumb Print Cookies. It is a short bread cookie with a mint icing.
This is the Hummingbird Cake that I made at the very end of the summer. It was absolutely AMAZING

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  1. No wonder your daddy always says he is counting points...when he is at home there are too many sweet treats for him to eat!! All of these look delish...I want to make those blueberry cupcakes!