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27 February 2014


Thank you so much to my sweet, amazing, talented friend for taking pictures

These cookies were for Trinity's Kindergarten Valentines Day party!

          These were for a one year olds birthday party! I absolutely loved doing these cute cookies!

28 January 2014


Lately, I have been extremely busy with sports and school, I barely have anytime to update, but I always make time to bake.  During the Christmas season, I made some cute Christmas cookies for the Trinity Kindergartners.  The day before school ended for Christmas break, Mrs. Claus came to the Kindergartners and read them the "Night Before Christmas" while they ate cookies and milk.

Also, I made some cute paw print cookies for a K4/K5 open house for Trinity.  The kids were so cute, so I asked one of my friends, Mary Grace, to take some pictures of them with the cookies.  I think she did a great job! Thanks Mary Grace!

03 December 2013

Thanksgiving cookies

This thanksgiving I got many orders for iced turkey cookies! They turn out extremely cute, and I loved decorating them!  This time, my friend Allison Kingry took pictures of my cookies.  She is extremely talented and I LOVE how the pictures turned out!  Go check out how amazing her pictures are at her blog is

14 November 2013

Cinnamon Rolls

This week has been absolutely crazy, but somehow I still found (made) time to bake.  I have been in the mood to bake cinnamon rolls and finally I decided to do it, and man was it worth it!  They were absolutely delicious!   

12 November 2013

October Cookies and Cupcakes

The pictures below are some of the cookies and cupcakes I have done in the past month!  

These were monogram cookies for a baby shower (you can't really see the monogram because it is in light blue icing)

These cupcakes were for a 3 year olds birthday party 

These football and paw print cookies were for a tailgate for my school

12 September 2013

Summer Baking

The past four months have been absolutely crazy. During the summer I went to 4 different camps! I had so much fun, but sadly it left me no time to bake.  But I did find a little time to bake some fun treats.
 At the very beginning of summer, I decided to bake something that I have never even heard of, Blueberry Pie cupcakes.  I was a little worried how they would come out, but I loved them! They are a graham cracker cupcake with a blueberry filling with cream cheese frosting.

 These are my favorite cookies of all time and they are called Thumb Print Cookies. It is a short bread cookie with a mint icing.
This is the Hummingbird Cake that I made at the very end of the summer. It was absolutely AMAZING

18 December 2012

A Christmas Full of Chocolate

Finally first semester of school is over, and in celebration of that I made Reese’s Cupcakes.  They were a big hit amongst my friends, and did not last very long!  With the Christmas season in its prime, there is no better way to celebrate other than cupcakes!!  As usual I got the recipe from, and making these cupcakes definitely ‘Baked the Holidays Better!’