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18 December 2012

A Christmas Full of Chocolate

Finally first semester of school is over, and in celebration of that I made Reese’s Cupcakes.  They were a big hit amongst my friends, and did not last very long!  With the Christmas season in its prime, there is no better way to celebrate other than cupcakes!!  As usual I got the recipe from, and making these cupcakes definitely ‘Baked the Holidays Better!’


14 December 2012

Thankful and Grateful

    Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year.  First, because of the family and second because of the food.  Thanksgiving brings many families together in something that we ALL share...and that is the love for food.  For my family's Thanksgiving dessert I made a New York Cheesecake.  I had never made a cheesecake, but I was very please with the way it came out.  Also, it was a huge success in the Poundstone family!


25 October 2012

Fall Baking

Happy fall everyone!  This week has been such a beautiful week, and the weather has been perfect!  My favorite part of this time of the year is seeing the leaves change colors, and then fall on the ground layering on top of each other to create a red, orange,and yellow blanket on the ground.  This change of season inspired the look for the cupcakes I made.  The cupcake is a yellow cake with a buttercream frosting.  On top of the cupcakes I sprinkled leaf like sprinkles in colors that represented fall!  Fall is one of my favorite times of year, and I plan on “Baking Each Day of Fall Better!” 


10 October 2012

For the Love of Chocolate

This past Monday one of my best friends, Cassie, turned 16!!!  My friends and I had brunch for her, and it was so much fun!  We celebrated her and especially the friendship she holds with us!! I love her SO much!  Her favorite thing is chocolate; therefore, I made her chocolate cupcakes with a marshmallow meringue icing dipped in a chocolate gouache.  They were so delicious, but more importantly Cassie loved them... and this is how I "Baked Cassie's Birthday Better!!"

 I found the recipe off of, it is my favorite baking website and has a ton of great recipes!

05 October 2012

A Touch of Red

Tomorrow is the last day of my volleyball season, so in regards to that I made Red Velvet Cupcakes!  These are my favorite flavor cupcakes, and there is no way you can go wrong with them!  They are super easy to make, and SUPER delicious!!  These cupcakes "Baked Friday Better!"

Go Cats!